Our Service Activities

Our technical support team are trained to the very highest standards and offer experience, technology access and the support of our key suppliers to ensure your machine is serviced to the highest level in a professional manner using genuine parts. 

Should the machine be out of action or require an update to ensure optimum performance we endeavour to react at speed using qualified service technicians, supported with documentation, special tooling and telephone support to ensure a fast and effective solution.

Remote servicing offers diagnosis and support remotely to provide a prompt and efficient response wherever possible.

The team at each site is supported by an experienced Service Manager, with additional knowlege from our Parts professionals and our franchise partners. 

We focus mainly on machines manufactured by CLAAS & Horsch along with all of our other franchises but would be happy to discuss any service request with you.

We offer a range of services to our customers today including:

  • Special winter service appraisals
  • Extended Warranty on selected products
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Trailer brake testing
  • Forklift testing
  • Sprayer testing
"OLIVERS are so reliable and easy to deal with, which is very important to us" Jim Speirs, Luton 2018.
"OLIVERS are a very good company to deal with and as a result now about 75% of our machinery has been bought from them." Roger Melbourne, Hertfordshire 2018 


Luton James O'Dell 01582 727111
Petworth Jeremy Uren 01798 343660
Reading Andy Dobson 01189 723741
Tingewick Robert Nicholls 01280 848494
Winchester Steve Hickin 01962 774590