CLAAS balers offer hi-tech machinery and seamless, efficient systems that create compact bales every time.

There’s a wide range of CLAAS balers to choose from across our five OLIVERS locations. Numerous QUADRANT models are available, including the QUADRANT 5300, 5200 and 4200 all of which have 6 knotters. With six high-power knotters and automatic pressure control, these QUADRANT series make baling easy.

For smaller bales, there’s the QUADRANT 4000 square baler. You can adjust the bale density and bale length to produce forage that’s perfect for cattle, sheep and horses.

The ROLLANT series are round balers with a fixed bale chamber. The ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP has the option of an integrated bale wrapper.

OLIVERS also offer variable-chamber round balers in the VARIANT 485–460 series. The VARIANT makes baling speedier than ever thanks to a tailgate that opens and closes in just six seconds and knives that automatically deactivate at the end of each bale.

Every farm and every bale have different requirements – and every CLAAS baler has been designed with these needs in mind. The team at OLIVERS can help you choose the right CLAAS baler based on your requirements.

Contact us today – you can find OLIVERS in Luton, Petworth, Reading, Tingewick and Winchester.

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