Forage Harvesters

CLAAS has become known for its excellent forage harvesters since it first began selling them in 1973. Today we are proud to be the world market leader. Millions of people around the globe have the CLAAS JAGUAR to thank for the glass of milk they enjoy each day. CLAAS has produced more than 40,000 JAGUAR forage harvesters over the years – at OLIVERS we are proud to raise a glass of milk to that!

The JAGUAR range has evolved and today the models benefit from SHREDLAGEâ technology. SHREDLAGEâ processes the crop intensively and increases the surface area of the chopped material many times over. This can boost your milk yield by up to one litre more per cow per day.

There are three JAGUAR ranges: JAGUAR 980-930, JAGUAR TERRA TRAC and JAGUAR 870-840.

The JAGUAR 980-930 will help you safely bring in your harvest with up to 884 hp.

The JAGUAR TERRA TRAC is designed to protect your soil and grassland – the first forage harvester to do so.

The JAGUAR 870-840 has a SHREDLAGEâ cracker with 196 mm diameter, making it ideal for the medium and lower performance class.

Find out what the JAGUAR range can do for you and your herd at your nearest OLIVERS in Bedfordshire, Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Hampshire.

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