Combine Harvesters

We know that harvest time is every farmer's biggest challenge. When you’re ready to translate your hard work into profit, you can rely on CLAAS combine harvesters to get the job done brilliantly. CLAAS is renowned for reliable combine harvesters that use innovative technology to your advantage. At OLIVERS you can find the latest models in the LEXION, TRION and EVION series. 

Farmers and contractors are constantly trialling new ideas and making suggestions. These feed in to the CLAAS engineering process. The final machines make your harvesting task easier and more cost-effective. 

Our LEXION series are a good example of this – the design is based on real-world requirements and users’ experience combined with the latest research and data. Our LEXION combine harvesters, market leaders in their field, feature engine outputs of up to 790 hp, grain tank capacities from 8000 to 18000 litres and Mercedes-Benz and MAN engines that provide reliable reserves of power, even under the most testing field conditions. Launched for the 2020 season the new generation LEXION 7000 and 8000 series has revolutionsed harvesting efficiency offering even greater output and efficiency. 

New for the 2021 season is the new APS SYNFLOW STRAW WALKER range – the 5000 and 6000 series. This new series shares a host of new features with the LEXION HYBRID 7000-8000 series, to deliver greater efficiency, productivity and outstanding performance. New features include APS SYNFLOW for improved throughput and threshing performance, new jet stream system as standard on all machines, new CEBIS touch screen and new field scanner for precision guidance.  

The TUCANO models are all equipped with DYNAMIC POWER. This intelligent engine management system applies different engine power curves according to the engine speed and adjusts the torque delivery to the power level you need. This saves you up to 10% in diesel when you operate in the partial load range. 

The AVERO models are the compact class and come with APS. This gives you up to 20% more throughput without any increase in fuel consumption. 

For every machine, every application, every crop and every requirement, OLIVERS can also offer the CLAAS front attachment to suit. 

For all your combine harvester requirements, contact your local OLIVERS. You can find us in Luton, Petworth, Reading, Tingewick and Winchester. 

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